Six Guidelines To Overcome Depression

Written by Pastor Mark Jacobs

  1. Trust God as fully as you know how to trust Him. Do not rely upon any religious feelings, good or bad, that you may have. Trust alone in Christ for mercy and deliverance in His own time.
  2. Do not become impatient if the deliverance you desire is delayed. God must be testing you for some special reason. He must continue to test on until it is finished, or ruin the product He is trying to produce.
  3. Do not “cast away your confidence” in your Christian experience. When in this state it is the poorest of all times to “examine  your experience”.
  4. Think upon the goodness and mercies of God to you in all past times of both joy and sorrow, prosperity and trouble.
  5. Search the Scriptures for encouraging promises of God to those in trouble and sorrow.
  6. Keep looking to Jesus, who suffered and died and experienced the worse of depressions and troubles. As He was resurrected to glory, so you will be delivered in “due season, after that ye have suffered a while”.   (1 Peter 5:10)